Best TV Financing Options for Bad Credit in the UK: Discover Affordable and Flexible Solutions Today

Credit Options Available
TVs on Finance With Bad Credit
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  • Get Your TV On Finance Even With Bad Credit
  • Credit up to £500
  • Television Sets and Home Theatre Systems
  • Variety of Accessories
  • DVD Players and HDMI Devices
  • Range of Soundbars
  • Featuring Major Brands such as Hisense, EGL, Cello, etc.

Everyone cherishes their downtime, settling in to watch their beloved TV shows, whether it’s laughter-inducing comedy, adrenaline-pumping sports, or engaging children’s shows. A ‘pay weekly’ solution could be your financial lifeline when you need to get your TV repaired or if you’re in the market for a brand-new TV. While pay-per-view TVs could satisfy your viewing cravings, these options often limit you to specific makes and models. But don’t fret; at ‘TVs on Finance’, we present an alternative route to television acquisition that’s not tied down to particular brands.

Regardless of what appears on your credit report, we provide loans ranging from £100 to £600 that will empower you to purchase the TV you’ve been dreaming of. Our pay-weekly finance option allows you to spread the cost over time, making it more manageable for your budget. But that’s not all; our financial solution also enables you to exploit ongoing sales and snatch up exceptional deals on all major brands of TVs. Whether you’re a fan of OLED, QLED, or just a straightforward LED TV, we’ve got you covered.

Aside from purchasing, another option at your disposal is our ‘TV rental’ service. Much like our loan offer, it’s tailored to your convenience, allowing you to rent and enjoy top-quality TV sets without an upfront hefty cost. And remember, our services are accompanied by an APR representative that transparently displays your cost of borrowing. This ensures you’re fully aware and in control of your finance deal, maintaining an open, honest, and fair lending process.

By choosing ‘TVs on Finance’, you’re not just buying or renting a TV; you’re investing in a stress-free, flexible, and customer-centric financing experience. So why wait? Dive into our extensive range of TVs and find your perfect entertainment companion today.

With ‘TVs on Finance’, you can enjoy the latest smart TV technology, without worrying about missing payments or upfront costs. Apply today to secure the TV of your dreams and enjoy the best deals on electronics.

Pay a week tv no credit check uk

You can pay weekly for your television

Unlock the world of entertainment with the flexibility to pay weekly for your television. A weekly loan can be an excellent strategy to finance a new TV, moulding your purchase plan around your convenience and budget.

While weekly payments could be your ticket to the TV you covet, it’s essential to know that many of these ‘paid weekly’ TVs are often restricted to certain brands and models. This might not give you the freedom to choose a TV that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Here at ‘TVs on Finance’, we understand that. That’s why we provide home loans ranging from £150 to £500, giving you the financial leeway to invest in the TVs you genuinely need. And don’t worry, we accommodate your credit limit, meaning your borrowing power reflects your ability to repay, and thus helping protect your credit rating.

Paying off your loan is as simple as setting up a direct debit. This way, you can effortlessly manage your repayments, ensuring they’re done on time and potentially improving your credit score in the long run.

Besides, having a TV isn’t just about regular channels anymore. The evolution of digital platforms has made streaming services an integral part of our TV viewing experience. Our TVs are equipped to let you binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix or catch up on the latest documentaries on BBC iPlayer, enhancing your leisure time.

And remember, your ability to repay a loan isn’t solely determined by your salary or national insurance contributions. We look at a range of factors, not just your credit rating, offering a more inclusive and fair approach to finance.

So, why not take a step towards enhancing your entertainment experience? Explore our range, choose your favourite TV, and enjoy the ease of paying weekly with ‘TVs on Finance’.

You can pay weekly for your television

Pay Weekly or Monthly TV

At, we aim to address your concerns and help you secure a high-quality TV set on finance with low weekly or monthly prices. Our platform simplifies your search, ensuring you find the best deal that matches your financial needs.

We meticulously review a wide array of credit catalogues offering products in various screen sizes, including TVs equipped with modern features such as superior picture quality and voice assistants. Our comprehensive database allows you to compare and discover the most affordable and feature-rich options available.

Begin your TV finance journey by reviewing the credit agreement terms provided by each catalogue. Subject to status, and after a review from credit reference agencies like TransUnion International UK Limited, these catalogues may provide options for payment via debit or credit card for seamless transactions.

The finance agreement plans we assess are designed to offer flexibility and transparency. Whether you choose to pay weekly or monthly, you’ll find all the relevant details, including interest rates, clearly outlined in representative examples.

In case you encounter any concerns or miss payments, rest assured that most of the catalogues we review offer free delivery, adding more convenience to your shopping experience. Simply email or contact the customer service of the respective catalogue to avoid late payment fees and to reorganize a suitable repayment plan.

At, we’re committed to making your TV purchase experience smooth and informative. From manageable monthly repayments to high-quality products, we provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Whether you’re looking for Samsung, Sony, or other top electronics brands, visit to apply for finance, depending on your individual circumstances. Don’t let concerns about credit rejection or employment status deter you; our platform is here to help match you with the right catalogue, no matter the circumstance.

South Wales Pay Every Week Store

Who offers TV on Finance in the UK?

Our top choice is TVs On Finance, a UK TV shopping catalogue that sells TV sets from major brands on finance with monthly or weekly payments. This is the place to go if you are looking for TV rentals that don’t require you to have a good credit score and affordable pricing.

You can purchase any product from our range with a Hire Purchase Agreement. There are many payment options available i.e. weekly TVs, monthly payments, etc.. The maximum term is 104 weeks and the minimum term is $0 The product will be yours at the end of the agreement.

Credit: Example of where credit is taken: Total amount (cash price), £575, £9.45 per week over 104 weeks. Total amount payable £982.80. Fixed interest rate per annum at 34.5%; APR 79.9% representative, no hidden fees. These types of credit agreements are regulated by the financial conduct authority.


Finance Options for Your Pay Weekly TV

Financing TVs with bad credit

Owning a TV that you love is absolutely achievable, even if you’re working with bad credit. You can spread the cost over time, saving money while building towards your goal. Credit catalogues like TVs on Finance don’t solely base their lending decisions on your credit score.

For instance, let’s consider a representative example: With a representative 21.9% purchase rate, you could finance a new TV over 36 months. This way, you distribute the cost evenly, making it more manageable and less daunting. reviews catalogues that are authorised and regulated, assuring you a fair and trustworthy service. So, even with bad credit, don’t let your dream TV stay just a dream. Explore your options with us and start your journey towards affordable, flexible TV financing today.

By choosing to finance your TV through us, you can avoid missed payments and reduce the stress of large upfront purchases. Our catalogue accounts are accessible to those eligible, so you can borrow what you need, when you need it. Plus, with our easy sign-up process, you can arrange your TV finance in no time. Whether you’re employed or have been rejected for credit in the past, our service suits individuals from all walks of life. Don’t wait any longer to receive the TV you’ve always wanted—start your application today and enjoy the benefits of flexible, affordable TV financing.

How about credit?
Best deals on TVs on Finance even for people with bad credit

Select any make or model of TV

You can purchase any television model or brand of your choice, whether it’s available for financing or not, by utilizing Loans At Home’s weekly payment option. Whether you’re interested in an Ultra HD TV or a curved TV, the choice is entirely yours based on your preferences.

With Loans At Home, you have the flexibility to select a repayment period that suits your needs and budget. Their loan application process is straightforward, and you can receive a decision quickly. Being employed is not a requirement, and even if you’ve been rejected for credit in the past, Loans At Home considers your application.

This financing option can significantly impact your ability to afford expensive purchases, spreading the cost over a more manageable period. So, why wait? Apply today and change the way you shop for TVs.

How to pay for your TV with finance

Televisions are a part of our daily lives but they are still considered a luxury. You need to ensure that you have the best option and financial resources to pay for it. Be sure you have the financial means to afford the TV you want.

Buying products for finance

Pay weekly plans are available for TVs, but not all household items. A Loans at Home loan might be available to you if you have a need for new beds, a better washing machine, a new sofa, or a faster laptop.

TVs on Finance FAQs

Is it possible to finance a television with bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to finance a TV with bad credit, and this TV Buy Now Pay Later store is willing to finance your TV even if you have bad credit history.

Is there any Buy Now Pay Later TV Shopping Catalogue that doesn’t run credit checks?

Yes, TVs on Finance doesn’t run credit checks on their customers. Instead they have an innovative system that allows anyone to get finance for their TV even with a bad credit history.

Can I buy any TV I want and pay monthly or weekly?

Yes, this TV shopping catalogue sells all major brands of TVs and you can organise weekly or monthly payments according to your preference.